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Google is responsible for selling Sponsored Links on Englishforums. You buy Sponsored Links by buying Google Adwords and targeting Englishforums. If you don't have a Google Adwords account, you can create one at [link] . If you ...
Fixed Review Completed tasks FRANK LIST Redirect login for bots to home SWITCH off viewstate FS for Mosso move mosso sites to mosso dns Most important: the alter the page description for articles (urgent) add custom text field for home rss feed and increase number of ...
Homepage : "Your latest activity" and "friend's latest activity" tabs aren't showing latest activity. Double clicking to edit header content opens error page. Little icons for Articles missing for "Just Happened" Anony mode: Remove Your & ...
- Old Wiki bugs fixed (such as impossibility to delete comments; 5 comments as the maximum etc) - Link menu added (right column) - Parent pages setting structured (so that we have a correct link menu in the right column) - "Official" related threads ...
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